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The ePub logo This page provides a fine selection of free ePub readers for the operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac. There are many of these tools available since ePub is a very common format used for eBooks and other electronic documents. Although we offer an excellent ePub to PDF conversion service here, it is always recommended to open your ePub files with an appropiate reader since file conversion always comes along with a quality loss. Converted files may show deviations from the original document.

X-Platform ePub Readers:

  • EPUBReaders Firefox extension: If you are using the firefox as web browser this is the easiest way to view ePub files. After installing this plugin, firefox will read your ePub files. The plugin runs on any operating system which supports firefox (Windows, MacOS X, Linux).
  • FBReader: FBReader is a powerfull, free x-platform ebook reader which next to ePub also supports other ebook formats. It is available for the operating systems Windows, MacOS X, Linux and also for Blackberry and Android which allows you to read your epub ebooks also at your mobile devices.
  • Calibre: A free x-platform ebook management system which allows you to read and also convert ebooks between different formats.
  • Cool Reader: A nice ebook reader which supports ePub among some other formats. It is available for the operating systems Windows, Linux and Android, but not MacOS X.

Free ePub Readers for Mac OS, iPhone and iPad

  • BookReader: A tool to read ePub ebooks on Mac OS. It is availbale for download in a free lite version.
  • Bluefire Reader: Maybe the best tool to read your ePub files on iPad and iPhone. It is available for free and also supports ebooks in the PDF format.

Free ePub readers for Windows

  • The Mobipocket Reader: A great tool for Windows which supports ePub, the common Mobipocket format among many others. Also available for Blackberry now.
  • Adobe Digital Editions : The standard tool to download ePub ebooks from Adobe. To do so a online registration is required.

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