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Many converter when you use to convert ePub to PDF you get an unsatisfying result where for example the font size is too small. Our service intends to improve the quality of the epub to PDF output and give you the freedom to choose important parameters like the font size or the paper size.

Figure 1: The user interface to set PDF parameters. Go to Epub to pdf converter...

Since it is an online converter you have to upload your ePub document or ebook first. The dialog which is shown in Fig. 1 will be shown. You have two options now:
  • Default: It will simply be intended to convert your Epub, Pdf, Mobi document as it is.
  • Custom: If you choose custom you will have several options to adjust the appearance of your PDF document. In particular you can set the font size in pixel, the left and right margin in pixel and also the paper size (The default is A4).
Once you have made your choice just press "Convert" to convert your ePub file to PDF.

A word on PDF to ePub conversion

This service is not only a converter for epub to pdf although offers a basic PDF to ePub conversion as well. However, this feature has to be used with care: Converting PDF documents were not easy due to the characteristics of the PDF format which is extremely difficult.
If you want to read your ePub files on your Amazon Kindle just have a look at our tutorial about ePub on Kindle.